Welcome to Ferment Station

Located in Knoxville, Tennessee, we offer an excellent selection of home brewing products.

Home brewing is our passion here at Ferment Station and we offer you only the best in quality and price. We carry a wide selection of products for both wine and beer making as well as kombucha, cheese, soda pop, and liquors.

Please come in and meet Wayne, Darlene, Rich, and Bella. We’ve been in business since 1999 and have brewed even longer. We love to help our customers have the tastiest brew possible. Let us know what we can do for you!

Official Greeter: Bella

Not all products shown in the catalog are located in the physical store, but give us a call and we can tell you if we have it in stock or need to order it for you. Also, check with us on prices. Prices may vary.

We do not take online orders, but wanted to show the products that we have to offer. Come visit us or give us a call to place an order.

  • Great place to get your homebrew and wine making supplies. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff.

    Steven Bunch (Viperias) Avatar Steven Bunch (Viperias)

    Knowledgeable, fair price, had what I needed. What more could you ask?

    Jason Brooks Avatar Jason Brooks

    Great people. Great everything! Best in the area for sure. Richard is the best!

    Josh Armstrong Avatar Josh Armstrong
  • Excellent service and know how. Had everything I needed and so much more. Will be going back!

    Erin Miele Avatar Erin Miele

    New to brewing and I found the woman at the store today very helpful, she walked me around and helped me find the items I needed. If you're reading this, thank you, I appreciated the help! Got my first brew underway this afternoon. Great service!

    Torrey Grossman Avatar Torrey Grossman

    wonderful group of people there, im pretty new to brewing and they pointed me in the right directions for how to get mead started

    Hyperdead_Goat Avatar Hyperdead_Goat
  • I recently became a regular costumer and I have nothing to complain. Great selection of supplies, good prices and great staff.

    Murillo Longo Avatar Murillo Longo

    Had everything I needed.

    George Bogart Avatar George Bogart

    Knowledgeable staff good prices

    Jeff Jenkins Avatar Jeff Jenkins
  • Great place to shop. They carry a large selection of of brewing equipment and a great selection of flavoring. Recommended seller, first rate products. Thanks

    Paul Harrell Avatar Paul Harrell

    Great place to get your brewing supplies!

    Leah Whitus Avatar Leah Whitus

    If you need anything homebrew this is the Knoxville mecca 10/10

    John Anderson Avatar John Anderson
  • Amazing customer service and better prices than Amazon.

    Kaleb Smith Avatar Kaleb Smith

    Very nice staff, great variety and fairly competitive pricing! Would definitely recommend!

    Terri Games Avatar Terri Games

    Had everything I needed

    Joe Johnson Avatar Joe Johnson
  • Always love coming into this place. Makes me happy. I get to get all of the things we need for wine and spirits.

    Tonja Fecto Avatar Tonja Fecto

    Awesome spot! Our first homebrew in TN and already impressed. Selection and prices were incredible. Super friendly and made me feel welcome and valued. Will be back for every brew day!

    Brandon Parker Avatar Brandon Parker

    I really enjoy shopping here! Could you get the same stuff on Amazon? Probably.. but honestly the prices here are great and Amazon doesn't teach you something new every time you walk in the door. The owners are kind, happy and always helpful... Even if you blow up a gallon of mead they don't laugh at you. You simply get a "we've all been there" and bunch of helpful knowledge on how to fix your mistakes. Truly a gem of a store and Knoxville is a better city with these fine folk helping fulfill our craft beverage needs!

    Corey Abbott Avatar Corey Abbott
  • Just got into home brewing and this is my closest shop. Walking through the door someone was right there to give me a “mini tour” and show me the product. As intimidating as the first brew can go, the people here can help get anybody set for a successful brew!

    Alexander O'Malley Avatar Alexander O'Malley

    Supper helpful and freindly know what they talking bout

    jason godsey Avatar jason godsey

    Friendly and professional every time.

    Peter Metz Avatar Peter Metz
  • Knoxville is so fortunate to have a local homebrew store that is this good.

    S W Avatar S W

    Came by today needing some supplies for two batches of mead I am brewing and met the nicest owner as well as their dog. I was very pleased with their positive energy and helpfulness. I was afraid i wouldn't find supplies in time for my mead to be finished but thanks to this shop and the owner everything is on schedule. It goes without saying I will be back here for sure if i ever need any more supplies be it containers or ingredients.

    Korbota Avatar Korbota

    Very helpful

    Harley Raley Avatar Harley Raley
  • Super helpful staff, willing to help with my homebrew soda experiments as well. Support local

    Lucas McDonald Avatar Lucas McDonald

    Good people.. good prices..

    Paul Holt Avatar Paul Holt

    Excellent service and knowledge

    Pam Terry Avatar Pam Terry